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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trendy Tuesday - Polkadot Dragonfly

Hi readers! I hope that you are all doing well.  The weather has been miserable but I'm hoping that May will bring sun and warmth.  I was fortunate enough to travel to Toronto yesterday where I was able to make progress in my enrolment into a post-graduate certificate program.  Hopefully that this extra qualifications will mean a career.  Anyways, this trip also meant that I was able to pick up some new polishes.  As a result, I'll be bringing new colours such as Nubar's elegant indigo and OPI's Spiderman collection.  Keep your eyes peeled for these polishes in the coming days!

Today, I was in the mood for a sunny summer nail art mani. I have been such a fan of the polkadot trend that I decided to do this dragonfly using polkadots.  I repeated the dragonfly design on both of my thumbs and used the same colours for repeating polkadots on my other fingers.

For a base colour, I used Essie's turquoise & caicos.  As I have said before, this colour is absolutely amazing.  It reminds me of the colour of the Caribbean Seas so I thought it was fitting to use it as the background of my dragonfly.  For the body of the dragonfly, I used Essie's e-nuf is e-nuf. I have always been fascinated by the colours of dragonflies so I thought this colour would be fitting.  Because  dragonflies always seem so have shimmery wings, I thought it would be great to use China Glaze's Prism.  This purply silver really catches the light and almost seems to dance in the sun.  For the eyes, I used my new Nubar elegant indigo.  This black polish with a blue-purple duo-chrome shimmer.  I'll be talking about this polish tomorrow so stay tuned!

In order to do the polkadots, I used the end of a bobby pin. I still haven't found a set of dotting tools in Canada which is so disappointing.  If you guys know of anywhere in the states where I can pick them up, let me know because I'll be visiting the Lake Placid region next week.  Anyways, I really like how bobby pins do polkadots.  In order to even out the surface, I used two coats of Essie's good to go.  Not only does this topcoat dry very quickly, it also leave a super high-gloss finish.

Have you caught on to the polkadot trend? Show me your best polkadot art by tweeting me a picture @ChippedNailBlog.

Keep on polishing!

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