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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wicked Wednesday - Nubar's Elegant Indigo

Hi readers! Welcome to wicked Wednesday which means that we are halfway through another week.  I have finally begun my vacation so I'll be spending some much needed R&R as well as time to pretty up my nails and find some interesting and new polishes! Beginning tomorrow, I'll be highlighting the new OPI Spiderman collection.  I'm so excited to bring you this new collection because the colours are absolutely amazing. 

Today I'll be talking about Nubar's elegant indigo.  This polish was apart of the Fall 2011 collection.  I found this polish at my local Winners for around seven bucks Canadian.  At first, I thought this polish was a deep purple base with blue and purple duo-chrome shimmer but really the base is a pure black.  In the bottle, this shimmer was very stunning.  Sadly this did not fully transfer onto the nail.  For these pictures, I used two coats of polish but one coat would have been fine.  The consistency of this polish was amazing but it needed two coats of topcoat to give it a high gloss finish.

Thinking that it was a purple base, I tried elegant indigo over top of Essie's no more film.  Surprisingly, this made the polish look like a true purple instead of black.  I also think it made the shimmer more apparent. 

Overall, this is a wonderfully funky nail polish.  This polish will definitely be making frequent appearances for winter and nail art.  As my first Nubar polish, I was very impressed. 

Let me know what you think & keep those fingers pretty!