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Monday, April 30, 2012

Essie Resort Collection 2012 - No More Film

Hi readers! I hope y'all had a great weekend.  Sorry for being so absent this weekend but between work and visitors, I've been swamped.  Anyways, I have two weeks of vacation now that my bosses have gone on vacation so I'll be going on a little trip next weekend to the Adirondacks for a little R&R and some hiking.  But not to worry, I'll be publishing at least three articles during that week.  It'll also mean that I'll be in the states so I'll have to opportunity to pick up some polishes that are not available in Canada.  If there are any polishes that you think I should pick up, let me know by leaving a comment!

 So as promised, I'll be reviewing the last colour of Essie's Resort 2012 collection.  I must say, I am a fan of this collection and I can honestly say I've been impressed with every colour so far.  This last colour doesn't fit the profile of a typical spring colour.  On first impression, I thought it was more of a fall/winter colour.  But it is striking nonetheless.
Anyways, today I'm bringing you Essie's no more film.  No more film is a creamy deep violet that just sucks you in.  I love how it has a hint of dark blue to it.  The coverage of this polish is fabulous.  I could have honestly gotten away with one coat of polish but I decided to do two coats for the pictures.  The application was excellent and applied smoothly.  Once it was taken off, it didn't even stain my nails.

Overall, I am very impressed with this collection. My top favourites were sure shot and no more film.  But I really have nothing bad to say about she's picture perfect and pink-a-boo.  I absolutely love how they have a subtle glitter to them and they play with the light.  She's picture perfect and pink-a-boo feel like the most appropriate spring colour while the other two feel like year-round colours.

Are you impressed with this collection? What colour is your favourite?

Keep those fingers polished!

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  1. No More Film is such an interesting shade - the color is so intriguing, is it purple? Is it blue? Whatever it is, it looks great on you!