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Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Mani - Pure Ice Vinyl Remix

Hi y'all! I hope that your Monday is going well and to my Canadian bloggers, happy Victoria Day! I hope you guys have had a relaxed weekend.  Well, I've been very busy with work and such so today is a major catch-up day.  This week is going to be very exiting and hopefully you guys will enjoy my blog posts.  This coming weekend is the Ottawa Marathon where I'll be running my first 10km race! I've been training for this event since December so I'm super pumped and a little nervous.

 Anyways, today I'm excited to bring you my last nail polish find from my trip to the States.  Pure Ice's Vinyl Remix is a new take on the crackle nail polish trend.  For around five dollars, this polish comes with a white base colour and a coloured crackle.  This collection includes green, yellow, blue, pink, orange, and purple.  One downside is that if you picked up all six colours, you would end up with six platinum magic base coats.  I was super excited to pick this polish up because of how different it was from the normal crackle polishes.  This polish is intended to be used in combination with the other polishes from this collection to create funky nail art.

This pretty yellow crackle is called Emcee Me.  Personally, I absolutely love how platinum base coat applied.  With two coats, the coverage is perfectly even.  The black crackle is try easy to apply, creating a very dramatic look.  Like most crackles, this polish has a matte finish.  As a result, I used two coats of Essie's good to go quick dry top coat to give it a glossy finish.

Overall, I love this concept.  It's a next spin on the traditional crackle that won't hurt the wallet.  Honestly, the one major difference between US and Canadian nail polish supplies is the price.  American prices are anywhere from two to six dollars cheaper compared to Canadian prices.  If I am able to, I would love to pick up more polishes from this collection because I think it would make for some really cool nail art.  These polishes are available at Walmart or on the pure ice online retailer.

I hope you guys have a magnificent Monday! Keep those fingers pretty!

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