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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wild Wednesday - Tiger Talons

Hi readers! I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday.  This morning started off a little grey but the sky is slowly starting to clear so hopefully we will have another spectacular spring day.  I hope you guys are getting to enjoy nice weather as well!  Anyways, I thought I would start a new Wednesday trend.  As you may know, I have studied environmental sciences and hope to pursue a career in protecting the environment.  As a result, I came up with the concept of Wild Wednesday.  From now until the end of June I will be featuring one animal every Wednesday.  I would love to hear suggestions from you guys so email me , tweet me, or leave a comment below with your suggestions!

Image from National Geographic (click here for more info

Today's animal is the bengal tiger.  This large cat is native to India and is endangered.  Right now the wild population sits at around 1,250 bengal tigers which is approximately half of all the tiger subspecies put together.  These nocturnal mammals live alone and travel vast distances to hunt other animals such as buffalo, deer, and other large mammals.  They use their distinctive coat as a method of camouflage while stocking their prey. An adult bengal tiger weighs approximately 240-500 lbs and is six feet in length (head and body).  Though generally thought of as fearsome, bengal tigers generally avoid humans.  Not only do bengal tigers look impressive, they sound equally as impressive too! Their roar can be heard from distances as far as 2 miles away.

For today's manicure, I thought I would replicate this large cat's stripes.  To begin, I used two coats of Quo by Orly French white.  This really made the orange pop.  On top of the white, I used two coats of Essie's Action I reviewed this polish yesterday which you can read here).  This neon orange was a perfect contrast to the black stripes.  To do the striped pattern, I used the Konad stamp plate m57 and Essie's Over the Edge.  After stamping I freehand painted more detail to darken the pattern and to make it more realistic.  

Overall I was very pleased with how this turned out.  I really love animals and the environment and believe that it is our job to protect the planet.  I hope that this mani can inspire you to do one good thing for the planet today! 

Have a Wild Wednesday and keep those fingers pretty!


  1. Great mani and great cause. I got to see a couple Bengals at Disney World a few years ago-- they truly are magnificent creatures. :)

    1. Whenever I've seen them I am always awed by their size and power! Though I'm not the biggest fan of zoos I do like the fact that Disney is trying to advocate for animal wellness and preservation :)

  2. Oh I LOVE the theme!!! I love all animals so i will really be looking forwatd to your weekly posts!! I personally have come up with Where in the World Wednesday's so it will be interesting to see if we accidentally (or not!!) feature the same polish from some safari collection!

    Love the tiger print on your nails!!!