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Friday, May 4, 2012

NOTD - OPI Spider-Man Into the Night

Hey guys, I hope you're having a great Friday! Today has been very hectic for me as we're getting ready to travel tomorrow.  Anyways, as I said yesterday I'll be bringing you guys all the new nail polishes that came with the mini OPI Spider-Man box set. 

This wonderful colour is OPI's Into the Night.   This colour is a deep metallic blue but not super dark.  It had an almost chrome-like finish.  I was a little disappointed with the formula because it was a tad thin and took three coats to get decent coverage.  Even with these three coats I can still see some thin areas.  As a result, I would recommend wearing it over top of a white in order to really make this colour pop.  This polish wears amazingly.  I'm on day four and I am use starting to see some tip wear. 

Overall, I really like how unique this colour is but I feel like it's a little dark for the season.  The consistency of the polish could have been better and I would recommend wearing on top of a white or nude. 

Have you tried this colour? Is this one that grabs your eyes?

Keep those fingers polished & have a fabulous Friday!

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love this and just picked it up yesterday!! Can't wait to try it on!!