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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mani Monday - OPI Number One Nemesis

Hello readers! I hope you guys are having a great Monday.  I decided to switch things up a bit on my blog.  I've removed the blogs I follow from the sidebar and put them onto their own page in the upper tab.  If you would like to have you blog added to this list message me at  This week will be full of interesting posts as a result of my trip to the states.  I was lucky enough to pick up some polishes that are hard to find or not sold in Canada.  I was also lucky enough to find a dotting/nail art brush! As a result, lots of new nail art will be coming soon!

So today I'm featuring OPI's Number One Nemesis.  This was the last of four polishes from the OPI Spider-Man collection box set.  Personally, I think I saved the best for last.  For these pictures, I used three coats of Number One Nemesis and one coat of Essie's Good to Go fast dry topcoat.  Number One Nemesis is a greenish-grey shimmer with multi-coloured glittered.  The main colours that jump out are grey, gold, green, and just a hint of silvery blue.  This polish was a little thin but with three coats the coverage was great.

Though I do not own Chanel's Graphite polish, other bloggers have done side by side comparisons.  It is obvious that this polish is a very close dupe.  With this said, two polishes from this collection are pretty close dupes for expensive polishes.  So if you are on a tight nail polish budget, this collection is a great way to pick up some colours that you wouldn't have otherwise gotten.

Overall I love this colour.  It will be making many appearances throughout this summer.  I am a sucker for glitters so I like that this polish is a toned down version of a glitter.  Is this a colour that you'll be picking up?

Have a great Monday and keep those fingers pretty!


  1. This looks great on you! I'm so on the fence about it, though. It's an awesome color, but I'm just not happy about OPI's wear time on me. Know of any good dupes?

    1. The only close dupe that I know of is Chanel's Graphite (if price isn't an issue). Otherwise, no. Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of OPI but this polish impressed me and it don't even show tip wear after a week!