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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trendy Tuesday- Finger Paints' Electro-Midnight

Hi Readers! So today I'm focusing on my last exam, or at least trying to.  By this time tomorrow I'll be done my last exam and I will only have one project to finish and then I can finally say I've completed by BSc in environmental and resource science.  It's time to graduate to bigger and better things.  Not going to lie, this will include more school starting either in May or September.  Learning, it really never ends.

Anyways, today I'm bringing you a new trend that I'm a little slow catching onto: magnetic polish.  Today's magnetic nail polish is made by Finger Paints.  Electro-Midnight caught my eye because it is a rich deep blue that also has a nice shimmer to it.  I picked up this polish on my recent trip to Sally Beauty where they were having their buy two get one free sale.  Honestly, it was the 3-for-2 sale that justified my purchase.  Up until now I haven't been sold on magnetic polishes.  I felt that they were really gimmicky and way over priced.  Well, lets just say that Electro-Midnight completely changed my perception of magnetic polishes.

I really was impressed with the coverage of this polish.  It only took one coat but the coat had to be rather thick to maximize the magnetic effect.  There aren't many polishes out there that I can say truly cover in one coat therefore I was blown away.  Though I must say, this polish takes a long time to put on because after you put polish on one nail, you must hold the cap over the nail for 15 seconds to create the wavy pattern.

With practice, this became easier to do but the first time I tried this polish I became totally frustrated.  Anyways, once the technique is mastered, the patterns turn out really well.  It's really nice that the magnet is in the cap so that you won't lose it but there is only pattern available.

Finger Paints offers four different colours of magnetic polish.  They are available for purchase online through Sally Beauty or in their retail stores for $6.99.

Have you found a magnetic polish that you've fallen head over heels for? Let me know!

Have fun polishing!


  1. Did you get any other colors? I really only wanted one since I already have a bunch of other magnetic polishes, but when I saw the buy two get one free deal, I couldn't pass it up.

    1. This was the only magnetic I bought. I had already found China Glaze's Electrify and Prism and couldn't justify picking up another two polishes. Plus, I wasn't sure how well the magnet was going to work. But I'm thinking that I may pick up the red polish if I have the chance :)